Monday, May 16, 2005

Opening Keynote: Extending Service to the Increasingly Digital User

Dr. Joseph Janes, Associate Dean for Academics, Information School,
University of Washington

- Ph D from University Of Syracuse
- Founding director of internet public library, instrumental
and started project at  University of Michigan on an Innovative
approach in basketball ticket at Syracuse

- Januray 15th full time; March 15th part time Distance

Theme for the day - How we order service within a digital world?
User base is digital. User base have evolved..where it going and what
we do about it.

Who do libraries serve?

• Reader- user of the library and someone who wants to read ,
it can be for school/public library.

• Casual users- drop ins

• Searchers using traditional tools (catalog, databases, reference works)

• Specialized researchers and local (history, genealogy) – someone
who researches a family history for example

• Writers and creators

What do they Need?

• It took a virtual library building, a public library on the internet
that taught us that people needed ‘stuff’, help, place to be at.
• The virtual library was based on metaphors where everything was a room
like ‘ a reference room’ , a reading room’
• Much of that went away, because they realized they don’t need a room.
The 1st interface they had was the façade of a building. This was 1995,
it was necessary.

So who are we now serving and talking about

• Readers of books, ebooks, downloader of audio books

Net library where once u check out the ebook no one else can check it
out which is ludicrous as oppose to unlimited check out by number.
The idea of circulation and access is not limited, so that means you
don’t have worry about ‘Collection Development’

The concept of book is much more driven.

• Web surfers and casual users (drop ins); you have more privacy,
 you don’t know who they are, the idea of a casual surfer.

• Searchers using traditional tools (catalog, databases, references works)
 and web search tools and eventually the invisible Web, MSN search is a
 distant 3rd…but in Canada its 2nd . Web search is hot and changing search
 is a big deal, its not using site info etc. Search is a big business
 and a lot of money is in stake. Google market capitalization is 60 billion
 dollars and all the revenue is from advertisement. There is lot of aspects.
 You should pay attention to Search because it’s becoming a huge business.
 Microsoft was interested more on search marketing and not technology. Look
 at Google. Things just keep evolving.

Invisible web- are content of information that is blanketed or protected 
behind  password, authentication and credit card barriers. There are
search engines that help in extracting information but more importantly
Google Scholar is appalling. It is more important it is the first and
it exists so that means the cost of entry has risen. That means search
companies have to make deals with publisher, news agency. Same with
Google print . This has made EU not to please. All of this is an indication
that if you want to compete with Google you need to have deals with publishing.
Barry Diller bought for a billion dollar. He thinks there is
a value in that cause he owns and Why cause
if you ask where is Rolling Stone playing it will be directed to the ticket
site for example.

Another new thing is the Social networking Social Tagging. The best social
tagging is, this is called social tagging, social
recommendation. They believe that this is an important aspect as social
 recommendation leads to a higher consumption.
• Bloggers- working its way to the popular mindset.  Blogosphere is at
 the edge where its becoming a threat to journalism. They are very
 informative intensive and very much into connection. They are a natural
 consistence to us if we think they are. It can be a potential market for us.
• Digital object creators (web, music, movies, scrapbooks) burn tour own CDs,
 digital scrap book of their grandkids, videos.  Are we going to teach classes
 on teaching how to create Blogs, make video
• Distance education students, is putting pressure on remote areas like Montana,
 Alaska where students may require certain info that digital tech can bridge.
• Some of these are the same people, familiar with libraries and library services
• Some are new and aren’t and may well not be thinking about libraries as
means of support their work

Conundrum of library over the past 20 yrs is your dealing with clients of
yesterday today and tomorrow

What do the new people digital people need?

•Stuff (your) resources in digital format, accessible and usable. It’s not
hidden, its not misnamed. They want the stuff that you can provide.

Collection development is not required. The idea of you allowing explicit
creative comments, what rights you have, what’s right they have. It’s a
little more fascinating in rights management that library can  get into.

Sunny Bono copyright Act and DMCA is what the US is going through, what Canadians
don’t have to deal with.

•Scholarly Communication – when it breaks apart is going to be ugly. University
of Washington spends 24% of their budget. There is the open access journal model,
 institution open model. CRL are telling faculty not to referee, ALA, ASIS
are less evil. The model is going to break apart. We are reliving 1663,
when they had a good model. Its going to fall on the academic and research
 library problems.

•Instant Answer- The concept of giving answer based on the question you ask,
 instead of a webpage that is displayed when you type in a question with
the search box of  Google, it is limited for now. Another option is,
 MSN is going to do this with Encarta. There is reach is the CS industry.
 If Google wants to do that, they can afford to with such a high research budget.
People want answers and not just look for answers. When it starts to work and
when they will start to market it, people would start asking questions and
that would put a limit or a an end to the ‘search process’ and that will impact
•Localization- google map

What do they need?

•Help- support in searching, finding, accessing, using and understanding
and evaluating
•Connectivity & connection, bandwidth of both kinds, tech, software,
hardware support, perhaps hosting. Library can help people with writing
with style manuals and now its something like you can help someone to use
email their query. Should libraries help people host websites. Professional
 advice,  guidance, help.
•Ubiquity of place and time 24/7. They need to be supported whenever they
need or are doing something
•They need depth and length. And librarians have a niche in depth
•Place- to assemble, continue, finish, or even a place to be physical
or virtual.

Where do we fit in 

•Articulate our strengths

Play up our service orientation

•When you really need help

Build tools that help people without direct intervention

•Pathfinders is a great tool
•Easily understood names for services and tools, citation, catalog,
index, database, ABI/Inforum
•Is there a link to the library reference

Position yourself as the time saves

•Your good at when Google fails, Google is faster but we can
save you time. People spend hours but they can no concrete result.
 Target market is people who search endlessly.

•Librarians know when to stop when u know your not going to get
 anything. We get to decide what it is that we are suited for.

Some Ideas

•Reference:- mediation = helping people find , tech support
and assistance, production and packaging, marketing, web design
& tool building
•People want to be found when they are Google searched, hence Dr Joseph
decided to do a class on Google and an article in regards to that was
published in NY TIMES since it was the first of its kind.
•Marketing is reference, always kind of advertising


•When you add material that is virtual, you introduce anywhere, anytime,
 anyway in which people interact with information organized provided
supported by their own community via their library staff.
•In Minnesota they have an e library where they have a whole workforce
to support and maintain it.
•Concept of library is bigger than the physical building.

Do we want to?

•Can we afford not to
•Tradeoffs, reallocation
•How much effort do u want to spend in ready reference ?
Should that be a feature that we should spend a lot of time and
effort on. We should be ready to let go Ready Reference because we
 have better things to do.

What do they really need?
•You and what you represent
•Without us its hard to have a lawyer, doctor etc, we are
the profession that makes humanity more human. We tell our
stories, dance our dance, sing our songs. We facilitated the
telling of stories .

21 days timeline for  e books checkout- Rights Management Certificate
that disallows access to the content of the e book  right after the 21st day.

•Orange County, Orlando, Florida and Seattle are two places that
have such existing e book system. They have wireless VOIP that they
use to communicate any other librarians within the building are some
of the successful new library where the organizational and physical
structure. In Orlando the librarian’s ands carry PDAs with them


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